We’ve been working withNorthWest EHealth for the last 4 years, a revolutionary organsiation that develops innovative software that unlocks the value of health and care data for the benefit of patients. NWEH provides the technology that underpins the GSK sponsored Salford Lung Study, a robust randomized control trial which is generating unique effectiveness data for patients with COPD and Asthma. This is a world-first in clinical trial design, it enables safer clinical trials, better quality data, and has the potential to get drugs faster to patients.

This is our most recent project for NWEH which succinctly explains the benefits to the pharmaceutical industry of working with NWEH.  As Paul Jarvis of NWEH explains,

“This animation has allowed our organisation to covey a complex message in a very simple way. It was clear that a lot of our potential customers were unsure about the services that NorthWest EHealth offers. By spending time with the team at Maker Projects we were able to really understand the message we wanted to get across and produce an animation that showcases our world-leading capabilities.

 The feedback we have received so far from our customers has been excellent and we are finding it much easier to get our message across. We hope by using this animation and attracting new business, we will be able to do more clinical trials like this in the future; this will ultimately benefit the NHS and its patients.”