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It’s a Brave New World, and we won’t lie, like 48% of Britain, we’re absolutely gutted about recent events.

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As a business, traditionally we’re not really supposed to have an opinion on politics, it’s too divisive, but increasingly it feels like maintaining a neutral stance is fundamentally dishonest and detrimental to the overall message of hope, openness and good-will we wish to bring to the world with our films.

Now more than ever we need voices willing to speak up for what they believe in, and we have always believed that film is the most powerful medium for getting a message across. That and screaming into seashells.

Don’t get us wrong, we’ll still make incredibly silly and conceptual films, but this week we are launching our new service, Films For Good. A reactive, agile and streamlined specialism in creating film that can reach far, start conversations and showcase the values we believe in.

In our previous blog we wrote about brands’ need for film to go further, appeal to people’s best instincts and shape consumerism into a gentler and more giving form. This month we’re unveiling our latest endeavors; films that aim to promote these values, be it for brands, charities, organisations or eccentric do-good billionaires (does anyone know any?)

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Working with creative agency Futerra (check them out, they are an agency committed to sustainable development and other lovely things like that and they’re probably really kind to their mums and old people and animals) we created a series of films for the We Are Europe campaign. These films showcased different arguments for remaining in, from climate change, LGBT rights and sustainability to arts and culture, reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers in just a few days and garnering hundreds of shares, this illustrated to us perfectly the easily digestible power of a film with a positive social message. Reactive, social and concise content is what is needed in, without wanting to sound like Bob Dylan, these changing times.

However, like a mad, jodhpur wearing aunt, we don’t just bang on about politics, we also bang on about sex. This month we also released our film for passion brand Mystery Vibe, a film which aims to open up a more honest, real-world dialogue about sex and female desire, without all the troweled-on eye shadow, cheap satin and heavy breathing normally associated with women’s pleasure marketing.

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Taken together these sets of films launch us into our new phase as a company that doesn’t just make films, we make Films For Good. Call us if you’d like anything setting right.