A masked figure stopped us down an alley-way one night on the weekly Maker ‘Milkshakes n’ Pillow-fights’ outing, and asked us, non-too-friendly, why it was that we kept on wasting our time with stuff that doesn’t make money or have a distinct and direct purpose.
Anxious to get to the milkshake shack, a plucky member of our number hastily replied, “Because we can!” But the unknown inquisitor was unsatisfied with this answer. “Because we see it as an outlet for all our unspent creativity and ideas, which can’t be funneled into a specific category or commercial project” offered another of our crew. Still, the sinister figure was unsatisfied, he drew in menacingly close. “Surely” he snarled, “there is some kind of gain for you in these self initiated projects, people don’t just do something for nothing, that would be like pissing into the wind.”
At this point the closed ranks of our group parted and out stepped our secret weapon. “Why, don’t you see? The worlds of film, fashion, music, sport and art weren’t initially created by a marketing manager with targets in mind, they were created by dudes and coolsters with fun and creative satisfaction in mind.” The unassuming figure spoke softly and gently as she continued, “Look at Daniel Wolfe, at first he was just making amazing little music videos and now he’s embarking on his first feature film.”

Chase & Status feat. Liam Bailey, ‘Blind Faith’ (Director’s Cut) from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.

“Or how about Andrew Huang, he made a totally amazing and bizarre art video show-casing his futureistic imagination “Solipsist”, and the next thing you know Bjork wants him to make her next music video.”

SOLIPSIST from Andrew Thomas Huang on Vimeo.

“Their early projects let them hone their craft, show what they could do and lead on to bigger and better projects. That’s why we spend some of our time making a documentary about a shepherd we met out walking one day, and a fashion film about the impenetrability of sound and so on. For no other reason than that we want to get better and better at what we do, experiment, grow, express ourselves and make things that people will watch and feel like the world is a brighter place!”
At these words the sinister stranger was so moved his mask dissolved in a flood of emotional tears, revealing the face of a beautiful Prince. As one, we let out a mighty and resounding cheer, after which we all, handsome prince included, went out for milkshakes, cuddles and high-fives. It was awesome.