Do you remember around seven weeks into university term time, * back in the hazy, halcyon days of your youth, when you’d suddenly remember a maternal woman and a nice paternal man with a beard…and that you had some kind of connection to them. Something involving a house with some swings in the garden. …eggs and soldiers…play dough, togetherness.. “FUCK it’s time to call the parents,” your conscience would scream through the thick wall of pot/warm white wine/ketamine. Well that is how we feel now. But we’re not high.

Set messers Maker horsing around on set last Saturday

Quite the contrary, we’ve been on a total work binge and forgotten to check in with you, reassure you that we’re wearing clean underwear, are flossing and haven’t been hanging around with the wrong crowd.

So where have we been? EVERYWHERE pretty much. For one thing London, where our newly appointed Non-Executive Director Joe “The Bear” Bachle-Morris resides. He’s like a chilled-out, media omni-bear, having headed up creative agency Brothers and Sisters, been head of marketing at Sky Sports, managing partner at VCCP, and he’s also just got this smile…. Anyway we’re very pleased to welcome him to our team!

On the other side of the sea one of our directors Amy Watson has been in Ibiza, off her face on women’s wear and red epics shooting a new brand film for Missguided. Our own Matt Wood has been doing his sensitive thing in Derbyshire by way of a thoughtful and inspiring film for the NHS as part of their nurses’ recruiting programme. Meanwhile creative director Nick has just shot his art/noise/fashion film, and is in the middle of shooting for amazing Manchester based brand Simply Be. We’re basically kicking ass, taking names and looking damn fine whilst we do it. A bit like Beyoncé.

The Crew on Set for Simply Be this Saturday

The Crew on Set for Simply Be this Saturday

On the home front (this is starting to sound like a 1950s round robin-sozzard) we have a spunky new work experience gal named Sophie; she’s all about cameras, techno-how and being really polite. Today she’s wearing a t-shirt with a big angry looking seagull on it, which is lovely!

All in all we’re doing well, being really busy and drinking lots of tea (which we DON’T make Sophie make for us)

*(We are so bourgeois, sorry to those of you who skipped the three-year Proust and white lightening binge)