Like that worrying stranger at a party who tells you their entire mental health history when you REALLY didn’t ask, we sometimes like to lay ourselves bare. If we’re honest it is an attention thing, but then you can’t fault us for not being honest. We thought we’d cut the braying public an aperture into the torrid world of our pre-production stages, to show you where we’re at and also as a kind of how-to/how-not-to get your imaginings made real.

Isabell Yalda Hellysaz 2012

Part art-project, part fashion film, part music piece, part drama, it’s hard to pigeonhole our latest foray into creation. We thought it might be nice to make something that served no other purpose than being interesting in itself – a fashion film that’s not trying to sell you fashion, a story with no parameters. Anyway we have bagged ourselves some funding so now we can start relentlessly banging on about it for the next two months…


We’re collaborating with an eclectic bunch of misfits, mashing up a whole blizzard of talents; firstly we have sound artist Neil Webb on the decks (probably something much more complex than decks). Neil is an internationally exhibited artist and sound recordist – when we found out he had a piece called ‘Far Beneath in the Abysmal Sea’ we just couldn’t resist. We’re also collaborating with recent London Collage of Fashion graduate Isabell Yalda Hellysaz (how could you not be a fashion designer with that name?) who is all about a kind of post-apocalyptic future with no commerce. She also makes fierce capes. Holding up the clothes and lending her soul we have Manchester actress Harriet Barrow, kick-ass Manchester stylist Ailsa Mclaggan and finally our own Nick Marchant directing the whole shebang.

It feels a bit like in Lord Of The Rings; now that we have our band of plucky misfits ready to face anything we now have to go to the huge fire volcano. Only with less homosexual undertones. And the fire volcano is a film not a fire volcano. Anyway, we spent a lot of time wondering the coasts of northern England trying to find a place suitably ennui dappled and eerie looking to be the backdrop of the outpourings of Nick’s fevered imagination. As so often happens with flutey creative types the landscapes started to inspire him and with every location he found the narrative grew. Trawling beautiful dilapidated WW2 bunkers on desolate beaches and abandoned seaside cottages will do that to a man, never mind a man as florally sensitive as our Nick.

So here you find us, pawns aligned, breath bated, ready to take the plunge into Gondor or something.