Toward The Light


Of course you’re all well aware that it’s World Tai Chi day on Saturday 25th April and will be celebrating with your families in your own individual way, as is your right. We here at Maker have decided to commemorate this auspicious day with a short film on a modern day hero, one of the most accomplished Tai Chi practitioners on the planet, Wang Hai Jun.

Why have you done that you bray? Well basically, he’s really, really cool and we wanted a platform to showcase that. His life reads like one of those slightly dubious martial arts films from the seventies, but maybe marginally less violent, (we have it on good authority he’s never actually plucked out anyone’s eye).


At the age of nine Wang Hai Jun’s father sent him to live and study with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei in the Chen Village. Under the Grandmaster’s tutelage he went on to win gold several times over at the highest level of Tai Chi competition in China. It genuinely excites us when people are the best of the best at whatever they do, from Tai Chi to ferret fancying. Passion, dedication and skill are what get our juices flowing and to capture that on film is all our Christmases at once.


Toward The Light aims to encapsulate the innate strength of mind possessed by those who go further and push themselves to the very edge of what is physically achievable. It shows the martial art in its bare bones, like a dance; it is mesmeric, balletic and beautiful but also explosive. With a concise simplicity the film says; this is dedication, this is discipline, this is passion. Have a peep!*

*This is the first short film by brand new director Angus Wilson, as part of our Making-Things-For-No-Reason-Cos-We-Want-To director development program big thanks to Bent Ear for doing an incredible job with the music . We predict great things for this dude, you go!