We consider ourselves out-doorsy types. We enjoy a bracing walk, a nice big hill, a rousing bike ride, or maybe even a frolic on the beach if it’s not too breezy. So when Dare2b asked us if we could make a film for their autumn-winter ski line in the Swiss Alps, we were more than happy to oblige and took it all in our gentle ambling stride.

Maker Projects having a cuddle up a hill

To be EXTRA safe we decided that one lesson at Manchester’s Chill Factore was probably more than enough insurance against us being able to film pro-skiers at ridiculous altitudes in freezing temperatures. How hard could it be? Does it even matter if we ‘ve never skied before? The upper middle-class can do it, so why can’t we?

It turns out 15 to 20 years worth of family ski holidays might have come in useful going off piste on an ENORMOUS FREEZING MOUNTAIN. The shuffle-bottom snow-crab look isn’t as hot in Europe’s premier ski-resorts at the moment as you’d think and there are only so many times a man can publicly fall-over before his mind snaps.

However, when the snow mobile took our skier buddies back down to the resort at the end of a hard days filming and never came back for us, we had a good long while to take stock and look around us. We realized we didn’t have to fly through the mountains like graceful winter gazelle in order to get the best footage, as every direction you looked in was a picture of perfect crystalline snowy beauty. With sportspeople as good as the Dare2b winter team we had nothing to worry about in terms of getting shots of people mid-air back flipping and what not. So, when they eventually realized that they’d forgotten us and came back, we were imbued with a Buddha-like calm about the whole affair and managed to get some more SWEET shots the next day.


Filming alongside a photoshoot also has its manifold joys; with two teams focusing on getting through the same shot set-up before the sun goes down there’s little opportunity to piss-around and foul up. We ripped through the shoot-days like a ski blade through flesh and managed to get both the catalogue stills and the web videos done in time for a rousing Après-ski.