Top Ten Films 2013


When it gets towards the end of the year, the done thing seems to be to distill all of rich human experience into neat little lists. That way we can cleanly box everything off, try and extract some sense from it, and then forget about it as it molders in the attic of cyberspace and we move onto the next sleepy cat meme. With that in mind (and to some extent copying the Guardian, but we swear we thought of this like 2 weeks ago) here are the Maker top 10 films of 2013. Argue with us, agree with us, kick dust in our eyes and tell us what you think. Aside from being incredible business people with wonderful executive hairstyles and firm handshakes we are essentially all massive cineophiles, so here we are:


Ok it was schmaltzy and the bit where George Clooney’s spirit came back from the bowels of darkest space to remind Sandra Bullock that life is a beautiful thing was RIDICULOUS. However, we are probably never going to get asked to go to actual space, and this made it feel pretty much like we were there. Imax, 3D, space. Awesome.



Blue is the warmest colour. It is!
We could have really done without the 8 minute long sex scene, a) we’re far to repressed for that, and b) since when has sex lasted 8 minutes?! Not in our office…but aside from that the film delivered one of the most perfect performances from man, beast or sea life in the form of Adèle Exarchopoulos’ super sensitive portrayal of a woman in love. Aaaaah.


Spring Breakers
Swings and roundabout here, this is about as sensitive as slow-mo dubstep gun-porn can be. But it rules. The bestest most longest music video we have ever seen. We’re talking to you Pharell.



The Act of Killing.
Just incredible. Not just the best documentary we have seen, but one of the best of anything we have seen. Never has reality, in all its fucking weird, multifaceted, odd, awfulness seemed so surreal and yet so true. We could talk about it for days, just go and see it please.


The Great Beauty.
Like a sensuous feast at a restaurant you can’t really afford to go to. And you ate foi gras and now you feel really guilty. This film is a total sensual overload; textured, lustrous and audacious, it made life feel like it could be expansive, grand, epic and sweeping. Then we were blinking in the sunlight outside the cinema trying to remember what/if there was a plot.



The Place Beyond The Pines
With the cast and the premise we were expecting a schmaltzy hollywood blockbuster, what we got was a subtle, nuanced inter-generational epic with some of the sweetest cinematography we have seen this year. And the motorbike shots were kick-ass.

Upstream colour.
A little low-budget sci-fi gem. Surreal, weird, uncomfortable. disorienting and immersive. Nice.



12 years a slave.
Ok so this really isn’t allowed because none of us has seen it yet but it looks like it’s gonna be really, really good. And we wouldn’t want something to miss out on the list because of trifling little details like we haven’t actually seen it yet. Like, I’m sure the Oscar committee doesn’t actually watch ALL the films that have been nominated. That would take ages and they could be walking a tiny dog or having a smoothie or something.



Top of the lake. Ok this isn’t a film, but Thea really liked it and she’s the boss so it’s in here. Alright the Kiwi accents were sometimes a bit ropey, ok the main theme was incest, but you know what, there were some really nice bits in there. Like when they snuck in a shot of a horse with “NO” painted on its back. For no reason. We like that kind of stuff.