THE ODYSSEY – short films and a ride on the funding funfair

No we don’t think that it’s a presumptuous blog title, we are embroiled in an epic.


We here at Maker are big fans of nice things; picnics, ice creams, high-fives and what not. So we thought, why not add to the overall sum of nice things in the universe by charting our funding journey to get our short films made. It might help similar, foolish, gentle-hearted folk on their journeys, like a can of beans left in a nordic forest hut, this blog should provide sustenance and cheer as you traverse the tangled briars of opposition.

Now we’re all sitting comfortably we’ll begin. While we know a little about the funding game, we are by no means the hard-nosed pros our swagger and cool hair would have you believe. So to some extent we are in the wilderness with no beans. We’re not starting from the position of total newbs (we got a Microcomission for our fashion film ‘Unbroken’ and ERDF funding from Creative England to develop the goodship Maker) but we are still pretty wet behind the ears when it comes to this whole funding racket. Previously when we’ve felt like making something for the heck of it we’ve self-funded it from the profits of our commercial endeavours and asked our lovely friends and their talented asses to help us out (sound artist Neil Webb and soho post house Molinare are currently helping us to put the finishing touches to Unbroken.) However as our plans have got more and more ambitious (mother is so proud) our Maker acorns just aint enough to take us to the giddy heights of 10 minute long featurettes.

We appreciate any input you guys have as we feel our way through the labyrinth of development and pre-production. We’ll chart our adventures here and we shall call this Chapter One…

Here’s how chapter one begins.


We have four short films we’d like to make. YES FOUR, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH EASIER IF IT WAS ONE HUH?

There’s Sophie, the former intern’s sic-fi flick.
Amy, the former, former intern’s coming of age surrealist nightmare.
There’s Michael the exec producer of films such as Judge Dread turned directors’ estate-agent revenge thriller.
And then there’s Thea the MD’s heartbreaking octogenarian masterpiece.

All four have applied for Creative England and the BFi’s ishorts grant. So at this stage we’re all sitting on our hands (figuratively) as we await the judgement. Which brings us to Chapter 2, so stay tuned and in the meantime some shorts that have rocked our world this year!

1. Blue-Tongue films, the Australian geniuses behind Animal Kingdom make tonnes of shorts that are all RAD. Check out this year’s BEAR

2. From Sundance 2013. This is just hilarious.

3. Amazing cinematography in 2013’s “Captain T & T” by Christopher Guiness