Much like Moses on Mount Sinai, we had some divine knowledge imparted to us last week. Not so much commandments, as advice, for those like us who are negotiating the arid desert of the digital media wastes. We packed some flatbreads into our robes and headed to an excellent event in the promised land (Media City) hosted by Creative England.

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In our infinite benevolence we shall impart to you some of the key points we picked up there. Obviously it’s stuff we already knew instinctively, but now we have stats to back it up and it’s nice to hear of the increasing prominence of our work in the advertising landscape. So, here is the digital media scene of Now condensed for your reading pleasure:

1. THINK SIMPLE. This seems obvious. But ok, stop trying to get people to click the subscribe button, download the App and re-tweet you, all over the top of your valuable video content, let it speak for itself. The most successful digital campaigns have also been the simplest; make it easy for all those non-digital-media execs out there to access. Duh!

2. THINK LIKE A CONSUMER. This leads on from the last point. You are not creating content for your pals who work in media and get your references to Kubrick’s early work and Cartesian Dualism… make something for your audience not you. (Unless you are super awesome, like me)

3. PARTICIPATION IS KEY. People like being talked WITH not AT. We’ve all met those divs at parties who just nob on about themselves without asking you how you are or what you do. Is your brand doing the digital equivalent of this? The most successful digital campaigns involve the viewer and invite their voice to the conversation. Think the voting App at Xfactor, one of last year’s most successful online campaigns, they were asking the viewers’ opinion and involving them in the conversation, people like that, kay.

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4. DUAL SCREENING IS A THING. We are a now a world with ADHD, and cannot for one moment focus on just one single thing at a time. 81% of people are watching online content on their tablets and phones whilst they watch TV, with a nice 84% of online traffic comprising of video content. Cor that’s a lot of video content, we should probably all invest, no?

5. KNOW THY DROP OFF. Are viewers dropping off after the first two seconds? Are they dropping off before your video ends? The digital tools to monitor this exist, so use them to make sure that the key bits of your content are getting across. People decide in the first three seconds whether they’re going to watch your content or not, so make it engaging from the start why don’t you?

6. MULTIPLATFORM THAT SHIT. Ok, so maybe some of your viewers are all over Twitter, maybe others prefer Facebook or Vimeo, maybe they just like a nice simple website or all of the above. These basics need to be covered in a spider-web of know-how, with the brand being communicated effectively at each level.

7. UNDERSTAND THY DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM. By building your digital eco system you are curating and creating for an online community linked by your brand and content. For example, you put out a surf video, it gets re-posted on surf blogs and forums, friends tweet each other about it, and share it on Facebook and tumblr. This is one way in which you have a key-hole into the sordid cupboard of your consumer, peep through it, see what they’re doing and most importantly understand what it is they like and want from content and also what doesn’t work so much. It’s incredible to have this level of insight into your consumer available so make sure your brand/agency/peeping tom is listening and learning and joining in the conversation.

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There we have it, three short of the original 10 commandments, but we couldn’t be bothered making some up that didn’t really feel totally necessary. BUT, do you have anymore to add? We’d like a nice round, reassuring 10, so stick in your tuppence on the comments if there’s anything you feel is missing!