Strong brands have an authentic, transcendent purpose that’s bigger than the product or service they provide. Brand strategists call it a ‘higher order idea’ or ‘overarching theme’. We call it a story. And the strongest stories we believe always have a human element.

The term brand storytelling may have been hijacked by cynical, commercially focused suits trying to think of new ways to make you buy that thing, but we believe at its heart, the term brand storytelling sums up pretty well what we’re about.

Filmmaking is the art of telling stories, using moving image. Those stories will always have plot, character and narrative – the cornerstones of any engaging story. What we search for in every project is the true story. The authenticity. Once found, it provides the anchorpoint of the idea.

We can give countless examples of where this has been done well but this piece of work for Vans by Eliot Rausch is a pretty standout example.