How amazing was Felix Baumgartner’s spacedive? Even if you can’t fund a trip to space, here’s some key points on how you can create your own bit of branded entertainment.
1) Authentic stories – Red Bull have done a great job to place themselves at the heart of the action/adventure sports scene. And they don’t just lazily sponsor someone else’s event. Everything from x-fighters to cliff diving to flugtag is their own event, developed in-house. Adventure is at the heart of their brand, so there’s an authentic reason for them to be involved in something as audacious as Felix’s attempt.
2) Video as the platform. Just to add to the glory, the event broke one more record – being the most watched YouTube live stream ever, at 8m views. One analyst believes the amount of coverage generated would have cost over $100m if using traditional marketing channels. Red Bull used a microsite, a couple of hashtags and some cleverly placed fixed-mount cameras to get truly breathtaking footage. If your focus is on ROI, you’d have to go some to beat that.
3) Technology. From relatively in-expensive camera’s (full HD, waterproof, shockproof cameras for a couple hundred pounds) to watching it all unfold live on a smartphone with more computing power than NASA had to put Buzz Aldrin on the moon, technology plays a huge part in the success of branded entertainment like this. The challenge is to get past the gimmicky, cliched, helmet-cam shots and use the technology to become part of the experience.
And if all that fails, just make something with Lego

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