That’s the question we’ve been asking people in this sex positive film for pleasure brand Mystery Vibe.  It was produced by Maker’s Films For Good division which specialises in using the power of film to start conversations and ultimately make things better.  And without sounding flippant, if we’re all having better sexual experiences, surely the world will be a better place.


Mystery Vibe came to us with an interesting proposition; to re-brand sex. No more of the panting sex kittens of popular advertising, nor the near medical grade sanitisation of the Boots sex toy section. Instead together we wanted to portray our desire for what it really is; funny and sweet and at times weird. As a mission statement we wanted to take the onus off women to feel and look a certain way, in order to fit the paradigm of sexiness, as in reality what we find is that sexy comes in a thousand and one different shapes and sizes. We are all human after all. With this end we spoke to real people about how they actually felt in the moment and the results were honest, touching and hilarious in equal measure.

From a mother and daughter, a 60 year old female bodybuilder, gay, straight and trans people, the film is breaking taboos via a more open, honest, sex positive discussion.  “We’re bombarded by the media with pressure to have better sex, better relationships,” said director Amy Watson. “But no one talks about the fundamental details about pleasure and what it can achieve, both physically and emotionally. My wish for the film is that it shows women in particular that ‘normal’ can vary from person to person and orgasm is a very personal, beautiful experience.”  

“Pleasure is a natural part of everyday life,” said Stephanie Alys, Co Founder and Chief Pleasure Officer, MysteryVibe. “We know that everyone is unique, and this is something that should be celebrated. We are thrilled to be part of this ground breaking short film because we understand that when it comes to pleasure, one size does not fit all.”

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