So, recently we’ve realised that even though there’s something quite cathartic about creating work only to seal it into a weighted lead canister and fling it into a stormy, seething winter ocean, it might now, for a change, be quite good to DO something with that work beforehand. If only because the boat trips are getting quite expensive.

This is where all our super-techno new analytics tools come in. Imagine a lab that looks a little bit like all of Space Odyssey 2001 (apart from the monkey bit) multiply the size and importance of that bright-white 70s lab by about 1000, and that is exactly the level of technology we have at work here. It’s fucking mind blowing.

Once your videos have been spat out and seeded all over the internet it’s nice to see what they actually do, and how they are working for you, making them financially accountable and that much more useful to your company/brand/captor.

We now design bespoke integrated, clickable shopping functions and built-in sharing tools, we also provide analytic reporting tools so you can measure the impact of your video campaigns. You can monitor viewing habits, see how long a viewer watched your video for and where they went next.

We just got so futuristic.