“WE NEED VIDEO AND WE NEED IT NOW!” I hear you cry – but where to start and more importantly can you be sure it’s going to be worth the investment?

We run fun, short, interactive sessions to help you get better results for your clients using great video content.

We’ll come to you and take your teams on a journey via our award-winning films for everything from sustainable surf gear, revolutionary sex toys and posh fridges to data centres, distant destinations and dirty burgers.

We’ll also help you and your team spot opportunities and when might be the right time to use video.

Check out the feedback on our last 3 workshops we’ve run;

“The team really enjoyed the workshop and your approach and were really enthused by the work that you do.” Ear to the Ground

“The team tell me how inspiring it was and how your work was incredible.” One Marketing Communications

“Thanks, the session with you guys was great and I know the team were really impressed with your work.” Rippleffect (now Reading Room)

The first session is an introduction to the Maker Methodology – how to make great video that gets great results. Using our films to recruit new staff, change behaviour, move viewers to action and launch brands and products for the likes of NHS, Stylist, Gaggenau and Astra Zeneca, we’ll share with you some of the top tips we’ve learned in 15 years of making great video content. It lasts about an hour and is free. We’ll even supply the snacks!

Subsequent sessions are focused on your clients and campaigns and you choose which of the below steps of our methodology you want to concentrate on. These sessions are charged at an hourly rate.

* Power – how to use the power of filmmaking to connect

* Proof – proving the case for digital video

* Price – how to get more bang for your buck

* Plan – our tried & tested approach for every budget

* Pay Off – how to guarantee results by amplifying and measuring video

To book your free introductory session  please contact Thea at