We are having ANOTHER GUSH. The frothy tide cannot be quelled; it seeps into the fabric of our lives and can only be truly expelled via the mental enema that is blogging. This time the build up of fluids has been caused by man-of-the-moment Harmony Korine and his totally rad approach to storytelling. An approach that has no doubt caused many a producer to flee, budget in hand, screaming at the sky, into their early graves. The guy likes to improvise you see.

Conversely, as legend has it, control freak and master storyteller Alfred Hitchcock (who incidentally is the only major director not to posses a belly-button) had each moment of his films planned, plotted and drawn-out so as not to afford any deviation from his crystal-clear vision. His regimented plot had no interruption in its transmission from his seething brain to the screen; he was as close to God as you can get (remember, he had no bellybutton.) Referring to actors as “cattle” and manipulating them with the electric prod of infamous temper, he let nothing and nobody stand in the way of his creative realisations. He was ace.
Harmony, on the other hand, being the acid-blasted skater enfant terrible of the 90s that he is, is like the anti-Hitchcock, A) he has a belly button B) his films are a kind of spontaneous creative free-fall through image and sound. The point is the joyous realisation that there is more than one way to create a narrative and give it meaning. You can have all the control in the world, or you can have barely any and STILL create something amazing. We like that.

Creating a story in a flurry of disconnected images, flash-backs and symbols and building from there sounds as exciting as it does terrifying, and we admire the guy’s cojones. Letting a story develop organically from a few key images also has a beguiling honesty about it, which appeals to us starry-eyed creative idealists. Getting out there and doing it, as a substitute for meticulous planning won’t always work, but when it does it’s like a kind of miracle. His free and easy, suck-it-and-see approach, whilst the nemesis of forward planning, just seems WAY exciting! Anyway, he explains it better than us, check this interview out.

We can’t wait for Spring Breakers to come out this Friday, check it out.