We’ve been listening to a lot of Kraftwerk recently, and we think the concept of online INTERAKTIVITY is something they would really dig. They like clicking stuff, and pushing buttons, and being interesting and a bit weird, and this is what we feel digital interactive video should do. It should take you somewhere…like the Tour De France..No but really, interactive video and sites can be done in a really gimmicky rubbishy way, or they can be done in a genius way, where content and story come first and the technology merely  serves to re-enforce the message.  Like in THIS video, that the cool-for-cats people at Ubiquitous just showed us.

Just because something’s interaKtive doesn’t mean story/production values should be sacrificed. After a long day at work clicking stuff, it’s really hard to just sit back and watch stuff passively; the imperative to KLICK is just too strong and our fingers end up getting all tingly  and wiggly and before you know it we’ve stopped sitting back and watching and instead we’re fiddling with a piece of blue-tac, or weaving small plaits in our beards or just mindlessly killing ants with our thumbs. Interesting interactive videos will not only prevent these kinds of  needless, mindless deaths but also create a long-lasting engagement with a brand that extends far beyond the fact that they’re harnessing the latest technology. We have evolved into creatures incapable of dealing with boredom and as such we need to keep things clicky, moving and engaging.

This one’s a little gimmicky, but we certainly wouldn’t have ended up watching it all the way through if it wasn’t so clickable!

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 14.05.49

Another thing about the interAKTive realm that gives us a solid buzz are the possiblities for us to feel like we’re discovering the story ourselves.  We have control of what we want to explore and what we want to ignore, like those early dalliances with the girl with the glass eye and the most comely legs in all of 9r .  What’s more we can do it in our own time, we can scamper through a story’s twists and turns like a clicky junky lab rat or we can take our time and drink it in a little.  Or we can do the smack-rat thing first and then come back to explore bits further later.  Check this flippin ace filum out by those progessive peeps at the National Film Board of Canada.  It mixes all the usual ingredients, people, place, story and uses all different types of media to tell it.  Get involved – Kontrol Klick: