There’s only so much talk around fragmented customer journeys, attribution, midfunnels, omnichannel, KPIs, CDPs and CMOs a filmmaker can handle…

Coincidentally, it turns out to be the exact amount that was on offer at Marketing Show North 2019.

When we do a show we do it properly, throwing ourselves into the wealth and breadth of knowledge sharing on offer, indulging in endless great conversations and content that will impact on our client work as well as how Maker connects with its own community – plus free notebooks galore!

Don’t Speak

We were thrilled when our MD, Thea, was asked to be part of the Women in Business panel debate at this year’s show. Elizabeth Clark from Dream Agility expertly chaired a discussion around the topics of mentorship and attitude. Thea was joined by the ridiculously lovely and talented Nicky Wake, MD of Don’t Panic and Prolific North and super successful Sandy Lindsay MBE, Founder and Chair of Tangerine.

There were clearly some serious points to make….

…and, with this group on board, much fun to be had too!

Open Your Mind

Some of the most interesting insights of the show for us came from Shazia Ginai from Neuro-insight, who use a unique methodology to essentially measure the emotional effectiveness of an ad. They can prove what are the best creative drivers to lock a piece of content in the highly prized long-term memory, where every brand wants to be.

Shazia shared the science, the evidence behind much of why our approach to brand films is so powerful.

  • Showcase, don’t shout – our brains have an in-built ad blocker and don’t like being sold to
  • The brain is looking for a narrative so use classic story-telling techniques and make the brand intrinsic to an ad
  • Use characters to intrigue the brain – focus on human interaction and connection
  • The importance of sound and music – it works best when it drives the action
  • At what point your brand appears is crucial – don’t tell the brain it’s over too soon

It was super exciting to have our gut instincts around why all our films hinge on story, characters and sound design being proved by science!

Blurred Lines

Gavin Flood, from Adroll, illuminated with these images the difference between how the linear customer journey used to look…

… and with the wealth of platforms and channels available, how it now looks. Less of a customer journey, more of an adventure – and endless possibilities for video along the way.

While Rob Gray, Co-Founder and Strategy Partner at Squad, showed how video is a vital part of communicating vision and purpose internally in the early stages of a project or campaign. Rob is an expert at using a good mood film to help communicate story and getting buy-in from everyone before a project really gets going, in a way that no other medium can.

Curiosity Killed The Cat

And finally, some food for thought from the ever fearless and downright inspiring guys at Media Chain. Alex Ayin, Commercial Director, shared his thoughts on ‘How staying curious on social can help your brand each millions’. The highlight for us was around the much debated topic of length of content. Over the last couple of years, there’s been a demand for the kind of content we make to get shorter and shorter – less than 2 minutes, no make that 1 minute for web and for social less than 30 seconds, no make that 15 seconds if we want to put some promotion behind it and can we have something that’s also 4 seconds and can we hook our audiences within the first 3 seconds. And of course, when we’re talking about paid promotion, the shorter a video is the more opportunities there are to promote it.

So in the context of this, it was rather refreshing to hear Alex end his presentation about how brands should be looking to spend hours, not seconds with their audiences. This really resonates with us at Maker and we love the idea of niche communities being able to delve deeper into brands they love and spend some quality time together.

Alex cited the now rather infamous example of how listeners tuned in for 2 hours to hang out with Tesla’s Elon Musk – smoking joints and drinking whisky – on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

So perhaps our attention spans are not all going to…ahem…pot. Although, who could say no to some practical ideas to help us create the time and space needed to reclaim our ability to focus, courtesy of Alex Heywood’s presentation. Alex’s company – 4 and 20 million – are here to help as we lose our capacity to focus and as a result, do real damage to ourselves and our businesses. Never fear, there’s light at the end of the tunnel in the form of their upcoming courses in the Peak District, Driven from Distraction – How to stop spinning plates and start maximising the meaningful. Bring it on!

Thanks to the presenters for sharing their decks and for Don’t Panic for the photos.