You may have noticed that we’re somewhat chuffed to have won Bronze at this year’s Cannes’ Health & Wellness Lions for our film commissioned by Havas Lynx for Astra Zeneca, “The Attack”.

When giving his predictions in Advertising Health in advance of the official judging, Tim Hawkey, MD & Executive Creative Director at Area 23 in New York, made these comments about our film:

‘I’m sensing a new genre in pharma…I call it the HCP 60. It’s the cinematic, 60 second spot, targeted to HCPs, usually unbranded, and when they are done well they can be really great. This spot is all of these things. Hats off for getting the client to invest in this level of film craft.’

The Cannes Health & Wellness Lions “celebrate creativity in branded communications in this highly innovative but fiercely regulated sector with the unique power to change lives”. Dubbed as “creativity that saves lives” it is certainly now a force to be reckoned with, standing shoulder to shoulder with the other award categories in terms of creative vision.

This is such a pivotal time in the world of health advertising. The level of creativity that we’re seeing coming specifically from the pharma sector is mind blowing and we’re thrilled to play our part in it. We totally agree with Tim Jones, Creative Director at Havas Lynx and Cannes Jury President;

“There’s been an important shift in the world of Pharma advertising, and it’s an emotional one. I’m sensing more agencies prompting their clients to ditch the overtly cliche and scientific scripts in favour of something that goes deeper. It should be obvious though. I mean, what other area of advertising do you have access to so many raw emotions as you do in healthcare? So it’s about bladdy time we start seeing films (branded and unbranded) that use them properly. And when you put more focus on production and craft, the only side effect of more emotive work is that is has a bigger impact. Because it speaks not only to the head, but more importantly, to the heart.”

To celebrate this development, we wanted to share some of our favourite recent spots from Pharma and Healthcare brands and initiatives from around the world.

What we love about these examples is they show the variety of ways we can use the power of film to make change, starting with some beautifully crafted cinematic spots.

  1. Time Machine – Breast Cancer Now

2. Corazon – Montefiore

3. Push – Merck for Mothers

As a medium, film has got to be most compelling way to capture an event or campaign to help spread the word even further. It is the creativity at the heart of these initiatives that is breaking new ground.

4. C21 Restaurant – NDSS

5. The Rape Tax – National Organization for Victim Assistance

6. Project Free Period – Stayfree

And finally, a bit of fun about a very serious problem. Who doesn’t click for the rear view?!

7. Zero – The End of Prostate Cancer

Please contact us if you’d like a sneak peak of The Attack before it’s global launch…