It’s January. We all hate ourselves. We have done next to nothing physical but scoop brandy butter from the bowl to our faces, watching re-run after re-run of the Royle Family, for what feels like about a month now. Looking at the sad, pale, potato-faced people around us, hobbling off the tram like stunned, newborn colts, we’d say this is a state-of-the-nation issue rather than just a Maker issue.

Then we remembered; what about all that kick-ass shit we did before the food-telly-dealing-with-your-extended-family based dementia kicked in? We were up a mountain in Switzerland filming the Dare2B England winter sports team, we were on the beach in Newquay filming one of England’s top surf legends and we were out in the Yorkshire hills working on our short rural documentary.

In order to rouse ourselves out of this January-bred stupor I’ve collated some of our favorite sports and outdoor brand videos. There seems to be a growing trend for more and more brands to seek the real, genuine stories behind a sport and make that work in a documentary-style format. The quality of digital out-put also seems to be getting better and better where this style of film is concerned. Take a look at this video about female boxer Noe Kuremoto by Tubby Brother. If anything was to make me leave a chair and maybe do something it’s this film.

Noe Kuremoto: Muay Thai Kick Boxer from Tubby Brother on Vimeo.

Brands like Rapha and Finisterre are also making really inspiring stuff that genuinely makes you realise there is a fun world out there and it won’t be like this forever. One day it won’t be dark when you get up, and the only thing to do isn’t just scarfing biscuits and it might be nice to get some adrenaline down with all the pints and pints of chocolate milk. Like this little piece of Rapha’s

The Rapha Continental: Icknield Way from RAPHA on Vimeo.

It actually makes us want to go outside in ENGLAND, and this piece by Nike even makes us consider going out at night

Thanks for giving us hope guys, we are totally STOKED, and are primed to get up off our gelatinous arses, slap ourselves in the face and scream our own names into destiny’s cruel void.