Thea: One of the things we love about working with you is that you make films that feel ‘cinematic.’ What would you say makes something cinematic and why is it an important element in the films we make together?

Carl: It’s widescreen, widescreen, far as the eye can see, but creating truly cinematic content is more than black bars top and bottom. It’s about assembling the right team built around cinematography, editing and sound. A team capable of creating an emotional atmosphere: the lamplight on a railway line, Dominik + Deakins;  bare neon bulbs in the background of dialogue masters, Jean Yves Escoffier and the diegetic sound of a tricycle leaving carpet to impact on the dead wooden floor of The Overlook Hotel.


Thea: What’s your idea of the perfect project?

Carl: Co-operation, a unified vision and a one hour meal break at tables with chairs.


Thea: Which films or directors inspire you?

Carl: I grew up with the mainstream legends: Spielberg, Scorsesse and Coppola, but I’m half Italian, so Fellini’s in the blood, as is his modern day son Paolo Sorrentino. I love and respect a good comedy because I know how hard simple is to shoot. In recent years, if we’re talking cinematic, Jaques Audiard, Denis Villeneuve and have you seen the trailer for The Joker, Todd Phillips?

Thea: Thanks Carl, see you on the red carpet…