So this weekend we did a deal. PINS had £50 and an EP, “LuvU4Lyf” to flog; we had a camera, a strobe, some over-active imaginations and a Sunday afternoon to kill. £50 bought us, in order of importance: 2 cigarette holders, 4 Aldi “Das Helle” beers, a bag of flour and a pack of cigarettes. The recipe for success. Thanks to the luscious, nigh-on voodoo powers of the Arri Alexa, a set of gorgeous master prime lenses and an incredibly inspiring bunch of musicians we created something we are massively pleased with! (of course a nod and a wink goes to our family of in-house talent monkeys and our pals at NoDrama camera hire) PINS appear as a pack of film-noir femme fatales, and you can barely tell it was shot in the lead singer’s bedroom for the price of half a tank of petrol. Keep a peeper pealed for it!


PINS were as gleeful about the whole experience as we were. In a recent interview with A Music Blog Yea they unburdened themselves about the gruellingly flishy-flashy shoot.

AMBY: You just shot a new video for Say To Me, tell me about the experience.

Faith: We worked with our friend Amy Watson, the video was filmed in my bedroom… She turned up on a Sunday morning with a bunch a people, a strobe light, a wind machine, a bag of feathers, and a pack of cigarettes and filmed the day away.

Anna: We were in Faith’s room for 10 hours with a strobe light, a pack of cigarettes & an amazing production team. (Maker Projects) It was very smokey & I don’t think that much strobe is good for anyone. I think it was worth it.