We’re always banging on about getting more women into film making, so it would be utterly churlish of us if we didn’t give a shout out to Maker alumna Sophie Broadgate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 17.42.39

Sophie is currently setting out to produce her second short film, after the haunting and original Leg, Arm, Head from earlier this year. Aside from being just disconcertingly nice, she has a talent for rustling up….well, talent. It’s always been a bugbear of ours how few ladies make it to the other side of the camera, and how this affects not only what we see, but also how we see it. Sophie is carrying the torch from Maker (which is actually just a spike with loads of burning bras on it) and her last short was crewed by 90% female ladies, almost exactly reversing the gender bias on Hollywood Film sets. (We’d need 4% more ladyness to even it out completely.) Her next endeavor A Juliet, A Margot promises to evolve her talent and that of her partner in crime Scout Stuart’s even further.

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Scout is a another filmmaker from Manchester, who not only has a cool name, but also has had her films screened at Edinburgh International Film Festival, Uppsala, Palm Springs, Encounters and L.A Independent Film Festival. Her debut feature screenplay, ’Mud’ was selected for British Film Institute’s, BBC and Creative England’s iFeatures 3 scheme. Basically she’s hot shit and we’re very happy that there is an upsurge in female film talent so close to home.

We predict great things for these girls, check out their funding page here and chuck a sheckle their way why don’t ya!