Simply Be: A Case Study

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Like the human body our smooth, flawless exterior hides a whole host of complex and unsightly inner-workings; essential for the functioning of the great beast Maker and yet hidden from the casual onlooker’s eye. We thought it might be nice to dissect the beast for you, and show you what are in essence, the bowels of our organization… exposing ourselves to the scalpel of your inquisitiveness… (We always like to open with an extended metaphor…) So here we have a case study of what we do and how we do it.


Simply Be were keen to reposition their brand in order to appeal to a new audience amongst younger women, whilst at the same time never alienating their core audience of loyal customers. It was our job to create a series of seven films for Autumn / Winter that updated their image in order to start making this transition. We did this by tailoring our treatments to bring a slight edge to what had been done before; we made it feel more editorial and less catalogue by pushing the content to be a little more experimental. By slightly branching out of the comfort zone, trying new things and bringing their campaign up to date our creative retained their key brand values whilst bringing them forward conceptually. This involved creating a tailor made concept and treatment for each film whilst uniting all seven individual films with a clear, simple clean aesthetic.

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On shoot days we fully serviced the production, but also the same people who had devised the concepts and developed the treatments were directing the shoots.  We find it helps massively to have the same folks who thunk it up, direct it on the day, and then see it through to it’s post production stages. In this way you can ensure a smooth flow of ideas from one stage to another, whilst maintaining a clear and solid creative vision. Having the same creative input from start to finish also just helps with continuity and speed within a project. If you have a rock solid creative team who can oversee everything from the treatment to the edit in one place, you not only cut down on costs, you ensure there’s no split vision, or too many cooks making bad soup style situations. In this case we had our creative director Nick creatively in charge of the whole shebang and he worked alongside junior director Amy creating concepts and treatments, directing and editing and overseeing edits and the grade.

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The client was really happy with our start to finish approach and said “We thought Maker’s ideas were fresh and brought something new to the table in terms of video assets for Simply Be. The balance of fashion, yet it feeling accessible is most definitely there,” said Simply Be’s, Marketing Manager, Eleni Kettles.

The campaign also had an “amazing response” from the customers, garnering some of their highest views to date. We are continuing to bring the brand forward through their Christmas and Spring / Summer online campaigns, retaining the same coherent and unified creative vision throughout. Go us.

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We then used a percentage of our fee for these lovely little films to fund our short film “Unbroken” which is all shot, cut-up and coming soon! HOORAY!