Let’s face it, the world has changed massively since our forefathers first put pen to paper in order to market and sell penny-farthings, heroin riddled “pep pills” and gollywogs. One is also no longer encouraged to beat one’s servants with impunity and unfortunately even women now have the vote. All that glory days of British commerce stuff is over. What we’re left with in this post apocalyptic, Mad Max triple-dip dystopia is a world where traditional advertising tactics just don’t cut it any more; nowhere more so than in the cray-ZE world of B2B marketing.

If anyone can see through a shoddy sales pitch, overlook a dull email, ignore an uninspiring presentation or X a boring YouTube window it’s another marketing manager. Obvs and natch the explosion in digital and social media marketing has been a massive game-changer for the industry, with brands clamoring to create “content” as quickly and frequently as rabbits bum each other. All with good reason, a recent survey showed that Twitter was 9 times more likely to generate B2B leads than any other social platform. However, content marketing is not a by-word for good marketing. Just because it’s digital, or interactive and has been tweeted doesn’t mean it’s effective.

With all this in mind it’s pretty wild how hard it is to find really good examples of digital B2B marketing. When researching this article we came across loads of interesting print and photographic B2b campaigns, but very little in the way of innovative, moving digital content. We even asked a few B2B agencies to send us their fave video campaigns, and whilst all were helpful and responsive, non pulled out any concrete examples. Proof that we really need to start investing more into making memorable and engaging B2B content.

So, aside from actually sending someone an instagram of your own severed ear, what is the best way to get attention in B2B marketing? Film content has slowly been accepted as one of the most engaging modes of consumer marketing on the web, so could the same be true for B2B? Corporate videos are no new thing, having been done with decreasing amounts of hairspray and yet a steady level of cringe since the 1980s. What brands need now is a much higher quality product than your traditional piece to camera from a CEO in a stiff polyester suit. The key is in providing relevant, well-targeted, engaging video content, which at the moment is something only the big big big boys seem to be doing, your IBMs, your Microsofts etc. And even these guys with their huge budgets, don’t often have the imagination to move past the boring dude in a polyester suit stage. All it takes is a bit of imagination and story.

We like this, if only because, like a plucky yet slightly dim classmate, it really really tried!

Microsoft “Tad Talks” Web Film from Aaron Langley on Vimeo.

This is a call to arms, has anyone got anything interesting? Show us!
Either you prove us wrong or we shoot up on our penny-farthing and resume our maid beating routines of yore.
Oh and here some stuff we did for Dare2B’s B2B marketing.

Dare 2B / AW2013 from Maker Projects on Vimeo.